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Tibetan Sound Healing Workshop

I can warmly recommend this Internet-Workshop.
It made my practice deeper and brought new freshness to it. I really feel a big benefit of the three weeks I shared with the participants and Rinpoche.
The workshop is based on clear, simple and inspiring instructions, flavored by examples of our daily live. The technical part is really easy, like watching youtube-videos.
As a participant, you are completely flexible in your time-schedule and you can watch the instructions over and over again.
Nevertheless you feel connected to the whole workshopgroup and especially to Rinpoche.
It is easy to share and discuss your questions with the other participants and Rinpoche answered all our questions some hours after posting.
Thank you very much again, Rinpoche.
Also I want to thank the glide-wing team for their great work.

Maximilian Mösler

I have attended a lot of retreats with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and with his teacher H.H. Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche during the last years.
They changed my live and the live of my dear ones
Big parts of their teachings I use in my institute, in the education of doctors and psychologists.
Also in the guidance of dying people the teachings have been a tremendous treasure and an enormous help.
Even I was blessed to hear these teachings before, this internetworkshop has a special power and energy to open and transform parts in me and my live.

Thank you so much.

Yours Dr. Thomas Mösler

(first picture: Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
second picture: the photo was taken february 2007,
Menri-Monastery, Dolanji India)

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