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Sidpa Gyalpo

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"Just as is the case with the four Buddhist schools of Tibet, the Bon tradition has various guardian deities and spirits who protect its teachings and doctrines, as well as it's temples and holy places and it's practitioners. Those of Bon are not of Indian origin, but derive from the pre-Buddhist pagan deities of Tibet and Zhang Zhung."

(Zit. nach John Myrdhin Reynold's; The Healing Practice for Sidpa Gyalmo, p. 3)

Sidpa Gyalpo is the chief among the protectors of Bon. She is a powerfull wrathfull deity and has a horrifying aspect in order to frighten the evil ones. Her mission is to protect the sentient beings from harm. She is a deity of exorcism and healing using her ferocious aspect to transmute all negative energies.

Sidpa Gyalpo

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Sidpa Gyalpo

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