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Shenla Okar

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"Shen (gshen) is an enigmatic word. In many context it seems to signify "priest"; thus the historical text of Bon (…) relate that each of the ancient kings was assisted by a minister and a kushen (sku gshen), "personal priest". Likewise, the enlightened teacher of the present is age is known as Shenrab, "the Supreme Priest".
The exact interpretation of Shenlha (gShen lha) is, however, uncertain. It could be understood as "God of the priests", or as "the God who is a Priest".
Okar signifies "White light". (…)
The ontological status of Shenlha Okar, often called the "God of Wisdom", is that of bönku (bon sku), "unconditional being" or "supreme being", literally "Body of Bon" (thus corresponding exactly to the Buddhist category of dharmakaya). "

(Zit. Nach Per Kvaerne, The Bon Religion of Tibet, p. 25f).

(Thangka: Family-collection Mösler)

Shenla Okar

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